We’re pleased that you’ve found us. Sports Center is a physical therapy practice in Austin, Texas that helps you regain an active lifestyle.

Our methods are non-invasive, systematic and measurable. And we accurately identify your specific injury and design a systematic rebuilding program just for you.

Has an injury robbed you of your vitality? Maybe you can’t exercise, garden, cycle, run, enjoy the outdoors, or play golf like you once did. Pain, aching, stiffness and swelling keeps you from enjoying life. If this describes your situation, we can help.

Sports Center is devoted to:

  • Teaching you why you have symptoms, what the symptoms mean and what to do about them.
  • Returning you to your former active, athletic self as quickly as possible while addressing the root causes of your symptoms. In other words, we treat your injury, NOT just your symptoms. We don’t believe in band-aid treatments that temporarily mask the discomfort and pain.
  • Providing you with a lifetime plan to maintain your active lifestyle and prevent future injuries.

Our Rationale

Several scientific studies have shown that one of the main reasons people do not exercise is because the exercise routine hurts. This leads to a sedentary lifestyle, a gradual acceleration of the aging process and a decline in overall quality of life.

Sports Center’s fundamental concept is simple: If you cannot exercise, you cannot stay healthy. If you cannot stay healthy, you age faster.

There are a lot of things that can reduce pain and symptoms but our methods and techniques go beyond this to make you healthier, stronger, and more fit.

Your rebuilding program will be designed by a designated member of our clinical team thoroughly trained in the Sports Center methods and techniques. And as a Sports Center client, you’ll also have access to the input of our entire team. Rest assured, you’re in capable, expert hands.

Physical Therapists Who Coach

When you become a Sports Center client, you’ll enjoy working with a group of expert, licensed physical therapists who are also gifted coaches. They’ll teach you how to identify and move past your barriers, and take you from one level of ability to the next. And, just as it is in sports, working with the same coach is critical to your success. That’s why at Sports Center, you’ll work with the same physical therapist throughout your rebuilding program. And your Sports Center physical therapist will always give you:

  • Education: We’ll give you clear, fundamental information to help you make better choices about your body.
  • Measurable progress: We’ll set physical markers and measure your improvement every step of the way.
  • Training: We’ll customize a rebuilding program built to help you achieve your unique goals.
  • Motivation: You’ll enjoy friendly, focused sessions that will inspire you to work hard, have fun and reach your goals.

Why The Name Sports Center?

You might think that with a name like Sports Center, we would only see serious, competitive “athletes.” Not true.

While we do treat competitive athletes, many of our clients are mothers and fathers, accountants, and construction workers — just everyday people — who want to regain an active, athletic lifestyle..

The intention of sports, dating back to the early Greeks, was to participate in an activity for the sake of the activity itself, and to perform to the best of your ability. Running, for example, was not a means of transportation, but a time to simply run the best you can. Sports served as a vehicle for not only developing a healthy body, but also a healthy mind: learning how to handle success and failure, set goals and maintain focus. Sports made you better – mind and body.

To get better means, “to advance to a more desirable, valuable or excellent state.” And the only way you can get better is by being challenged to do your best; perform at the top of your ability.

That’s why we’re here. Let us help you regain an active lifestyle.

Methods and Techniques

Most people hurt, with things like exercise, gardening, cycling, running, enjoying the outdoors, or playing golf for example, because one or more body tissues (e.g. muscle, tendon, joint cartilage, bone) are not strong enough to withstand the forces generated by those activities. The result is pain, aching, stiffness and swelling that keeps you from enjoying life.

Now, the reason that a muscle or tendon, for example in your knee, can’t tolerate the force of running, is due to two things: your body’s physical infrastructure and tissue strength.

Your physical infrastructure includes things like posture, specific muscle imbalances, inflexibility in key areas, and movement patterns. For example, a person with weak hip rotator muscles will be more likely to develop knee pain than a person with strong hip rotator muscles. The hip weakness creates focused and excessive loading on the knee leading to tissue damage or injury. Niemuth, P. E., R. J. Johnson, et al. (2005). “Hip muscle weakness and overuse injuries in recreational runners.” Clin J Sport Med 15(1): 14-21.

The result is that most people have both things going on. They have an injury and they have physical infrastructure faults. The key to getting back to doing the things you love to do is to address both the physical infrastructure problems – inflexibility, weakness, detrimental movement patterns – and the underlying tissue injury (muscle, tendon, cartilage, bone, disc, etc.).

Sports Center is for the person who wants to live a long, healthy and active life. And our clients’ success flows from one basic principle: Optimal physical function requires optimal physical training. Our approach is non-invasive, systematic and measurable.The method and techniques we use focus on treating your injury NOT just your symptoms.

That’s right, Sports Center’s methods and techniques are not a stretch, massage and placate physical therapy methods. Passive, band-aid treatments only temporarilymask your discomfort and pain, and are rarely effective in returning you to a high level of physical capability. These methods compromise your ability to exercise and lead to premature aging and the early onset of other diseases. We’d never roll the dice with your body like that.

We may use any combination of the techniques below to balance muscle strength, improve flexibility, and optimize movement patterns:

  • Target Tissue Training (T3): The Founder of Sports Center, Doug Kelsey, developed this special form of exercise based on the science of mechanobiology – the study of how mechanical forces generated within or imposed upon living tissues affect physiology and structure of that tissue. T3 optimizes exercise dosage – reps, sets, frequency, intensity – to produce healthy adaptation or strengthening in weak or injured tissues. T3 rebuilds your tissue strength from the inside out.
  • Unloading: Also developed by Founder, Doug Kelsey, Unloading reduces the effect of gravity using special machines to make exercise pain free.
    Vector Training. A technique borrowed from NASA research, by using forces attached to your body at right angles, we can help your muscles work harder without overloading your joints.
  • Dynamic Assistance Training: When it hurts to move your arm, for example, we may use this technique to help re-establish normal motion and strength.
  • Manual Therapy: We’ll use joint mobilization, myofascial stretching and other manaul techniques as indicated to reduce your pain and help you move more comfortably.
  • Kinesiotape: This is a highly elastic yet comfortable tape that we use to reduce symptoms of stiffness, aching, pain, and swelling.
  • Core Training: Nearly every client with back pain needs this form of exercise designed to increase the endurance of the muscles that support your spine.

Sports Center restores your physical and athletic capabilities by:

  • Clearly defining your short and long term goals.
  • Accurately identifying your specific injury.
  • Properly identifying any relevant biomechanical problems or concerns.
  • Clearly establishing physical markers and success indicators – how we’ll measure your progress.
  • Creating a customized rebuilding strategy and coaching you every step of the way.
  • Providing you a state-of-the-art, gravity controlled training center.
  • Teaching you how to maintain a lifetime of success.

Don’t settle for a lifetime of inactivity. Learn the steps you’ll go through in our rebuilding process and schedule a consultation today.