Are you a physician? Sports Center helps your patient regain a healthy and active lifestyle, resulting in a happy patient coming back to you. The Sports Center system begins by accurately identifying your patient’s physical limitations due to their injury. Our methods are non-invasive, systematic and measurable. And we’ll design an efficient rebuilding program — customized for your patient — to treat the injury NOT just the symptoms. But hey, we understand that any physical therapy clinic can claim to have the best method and approach to treating injuries, but we prefer to let our record do the talking.

Consider the following benefits of referring your patient to Sports Center:

  • Sports Center is the only physical therapy clinic in the region that provides a non-surgical, non-invasive, objectively measured joint & cartilage reconditioning program for osteoarthritis, chondral defects, and joint surface defects of the knees, lumbar spine and ankle.
  • 104 different physicians have referred patients to Sports Center within the past 12 months.
  • 92% of patients in Sports Center’s Spine Saver program report that their back has greatly improved.
  • 86% of our patients achieve their stated goals and return to an active lifestyle. (The highest of any physical therapy clinic in Austin, TX.)
  • Our trailing 12 months clinical data shows our patients report an average improvement rate of 71% from their initial consult to discharge. (The highest average of any clinic in Austin, TX.)
  • Nearly 30% of patients who achieved their goals at Sports Center had left their prior physical therapist because they were dissatisfied with their results.
  • Two minutes is the average patient wait time at Sports Center.

So when your patient needs physical therapy, refer them to Sports Center. We’ll return a healthy, active and happy patient back to you.

“I send my patients to Sports Center because of their sophisticated unloading techniques, the self-help orientation towards treatment goals, and the combination of the evaluation and understandable, doable treatment plans. My experience has been excellent working with Sports Center! I like the comfortable, understandable environment for patients and my patients’ sense of partnerships and interest by their therapists in their well-being.”

-Dr. Gordon White, Neurosurgery, Austin, Texas

“Sports Center is accurate and specific when it comes to diagnosing muscular strength issues.  Because I specialize in diagnosis and treatment of muscle, it is extremely valuable to know a place that will strengthen the exact tissues that need the work. Working with Sports Center is efficient and reliable. Their periodic reports allow me to stay in the loop with patient progress, and every patient I have sent to Sports Center is pleased with the results. They have a specialty, and they do it very well. I know that Sports Center will take into account what I think the patient needs, and align that with the patient’s goals for real-life performance.”

-Dr. Kyler Brown, DC, CCSP, Austin Sports Therapy